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Local HVAC Company ReviewsOur HVAC company reviews are verified. We don’t accept reviews that can’t be substantiated so an HVAC company doesn’t have to be concerned that they can be bad mouthed unfairly.

The consumer can rest assured that the HVAC company reviews he or she reads are real because even a good review is verified. We do not accept money from HVAC contractors to rate them better.

When you need air conditioning or heating work done at your home or local business you want to be sure that you can rely on the HVAC contractor that you hire. You also probably want to make sure that the reviews that you are reading online are truthful. It's very hard to tell what online reviews are real and which ones are bogus and that’s why all of our HVAC company reviews have been verified by a human being. We not only substantiate the review but we also search the Internet for other information about that HVAC contractor. If there are complaints, we look at how the contractor handled them. It's not unusual for complaints to happen to any business that does a bunch of work. I think we all know that no matter how good a contractor is, there is someone he can’t make happy no matter what he does. We take that into consideration as long as the contractor acted professionally and did his best to make things right for the consumer.

We ask that you post your own HVAC company reviews after working with a heating and air conditioning contractor so as to help other consumers learn about the good and the bad guys out there. We also review all types of contractors, so you can review as many as you please and there is no fee for doing it. If you would like to rate your HVAC contractor just click on “Rate my contractor” and fill out the form. We’ll get back to you with an email as quickly as possible to learn more about your experience.

HVAC contractors can submit their companies for review by simply filling out the form attached to the button “Get my business listed” and we’ll start the process of determining your rating. When you get your business listed it’s important to get your customers posting reviews to help you get to 5 stars.

Verified HVAC Company Reviews

Don’t trust just any online review when you need to hire an honest and ethical contractor. Trust the verified HVAC company reviews on Best and Worst Contractors.