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Verified Reviews of HVAC Companies

On our site, you can find reviews of HVAC companies from around the nation. Our goal is to help narrow down the very best contractors in your area, so you know who you can turn to when you need dependable service. When someone posts a review on our site, we manually verify each and every one before posting it to make sure there is no “bogusness” involved. You can trust that the reviews of HVAC companies that you’ll find here are accurate, and we encourage you to leave one for your favorite contractor to help others find them as well.

Most review sites either post anything that comes through, or use an automated software or system to judge which reviews might be false, and they often disregard a number of actual reviews in the process. Inevitably, false ones make it through to many sites, regardless. We’ve made it our mission to help residents find an HVAC company that they can trust, and to let you tell the rest of the world about your experience.

Get started finding an HVAC company by clicking on “Find a Contractor,” or leave a review by clicking on “Rate My Contractor.” Or, if you’re a business owner who’d like to get your reviews up on our site, click on “Get My Business Listed” and follow the steps listed there!