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We’re on a mission to bring the best HVAC contractors in each locale to the consumers in their areas, nationwide. There are far too many great AC repair companies out there for homeowners or property managers to risk having a bad one come out to their properties. We think that the American people deserve excellent service when they really need it, so we’ve built a site where you can let your neighbors know who did you right.

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Think you know the best HVAC contractor in your city or region? We want to hear about them! Just click on “rate my contractor” and let us know all about the excellent service you received! Your fellow citizens want to know who they can trust when they need help with their air conditioning or heating, and your review will help them out. Make sure you include your e-mail address so we can contact you with any questions or discrepancies. Reviews submitted without an e-mail address might not get posted.

Post a review of any HVAC contractor and tell the world about your experience!

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Looking to find one of the best HVAC contractors in your area? Simply click on “find a contractor” and select your state. We’ll let you know who other residents in your area have recommended!

We also verify the reviews that go on our site, so you can rest assured that the contractor hasn’t paid us to put up a good review, or had one of their buddies put it up, either. Other review sites can be helpful, but they usually use automated software (if anything) to determine if a review is real. We take it one step further with actual human verification.

Once the reviews have been verified, we’ll assign gold stars to them accordingly. Five gold stars is the highest endorsement we provide, and one is the lowest. Depending on the consistency of the quality the contractor provides (discovered during our research on them), we’ll give them a rating. You’ll probably find rather quickly that many of the HVAC contractors on our site are rated 5 gold stars as they truly are some of the best in the country!